Off-Grid Home Owners

Off-Grid Home Owners

If you live in a remote area where mains electricity isn’t available or connection costs are prohibitive, you need to look no further than the Eniquest PowerMaker hybrid power plant. It’s the reliable and cost effective solution to your energy needs, giving you the power to go independent.

Independent power is now easier than ever with Eniquest Hybrid Power Plants. These fully self-contained solar/diesel power plants guarantee you clean, reliable, low cost power in all-weather situations 24/7, 365 days of the year.

With quick and easy installation, Eniquest Hybrid Power Plants are delivered assembled and commissioned. Simply position, connect, switch on and let it power your home for many years to come. In today’s electrical industry it is getting more and more costly to connect your home to the grid in remote areas often proving it to be too expensive to live in remote locations. With our Hybrid Power Systems we make living in isolated off grid locations possible.

Skilfully engineered for the performance and durability, these power plants include the Australian produced Eniquest ultra efficient PowerMaker Ranger 6.0 DC diesel generator to provide any shortfall or backup power with the least possible fuel consumption. Combine this with Australia’s highest ranked solar panels, Kyocera, to provide more charge per day, and Sonnenschein low loss spiral plate storage batteries for the highest cycle life.

With Eniquest Hybrid power systems you can select from one of our 3 standard HPP systems products or you can discuss with us a hybrid solution specific to your power need.

Solar Diesel Hybrid System


The HPP 3.5 kW is a solar diesel hybrid system that is suitable to power a cottage, providing power to your lights, refrigeration, TV and computers. The HPP 3.5kW supplies 230V AC output at 50Hz from a 520 Ah battery bank.


The HPP 9.0 solar/diesel system is designed for a family with an average size home. The HPP 9.0 is our most popular system and it will run all of your appliances, lighting, TV and computers. The HPP 9.0kWh supplies 230V output at 50Hz from an 850 Ah Battery bank.


The HPP18.0 solar/diesel system is designed to handle large amounts of power consumption. The system is suitable in commercial applications for those whose lifestyle requires a huge supply of energy. The HPP 18kWh supplies 230V output a 50Hz from a 1695 Ah battery bank.

Custom HPP

If you have a unique application for your Hybrid Power Plant and are unsure if one of our standard products will suit your requirements you can customise your Eniquest Hybris Power System to suit your needs. Contact Eniquest and let us design your system.

Why Eniquest HPP’s are great

You simply Plug and Play

PowerMaker Hybrid power plants are self-contained, delivered to your property ready to go. All you need to do is have a registered electrician connect the PowerMaker to your home.

Power Anywhere

The Hybrid Power Plants are designed to handle Australia’s harsh conditions and can be delivered anywhere. From Queensland offshore island to Western Australia’s Pilbara or even the highlands of PNG

How It Works

Energy from the sun is captured by the highly efficient Kyocera solar panels, and converted into electricity. This electricity passes through the regulator which provides a steady flow to the battery bank where the power is then stored. The DC generator monitors the battery bank and automatically charges the batteries if required to ensure you get the maximum power for your needs and to ensure the batteries don’t drop below the recommended charge so you get the maximum life of the batteries. When the power is required by your home it will go through an inverter where it changes the power from DC to 240V AC power suitable for running all your appliances.

How Do I know what I need?

We want you to pick the right HPP for the application, simply contact us today and have a chat to one of our friendly staff. We can assist you in making the correct decision and will make sure that all your questions are answered.


  • Military

    At Eniquest we provide power production solutions and service parts to the Military for all power production applications. We understand the need of reliable, accessible military spec equipment and parts that you can depend on.

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    As a trusted trade customer at Eniquest we will provide you with the power generation equipment you need for the job that will give you reliability, efficiency, ease of operation and the confidence you need in a generator.

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    When life takes you off the grid Eniquest is here to provide the reliable and cost effective solution. Have your own independent power source that will stand the test of time and give you the confidence to go independent.

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    We will design and construct an industrial power solution ready for you to simply connect up and watch it run independently. Eniquest we will work closely with you to manufacture a system that meets your needs.

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PowerMaker Husky3.0

Power: 3.0kW @ 24V
Fuel: Diesel
Voltage: 24V
Alternator: Fully Enclosed

The PowerMaker Husky3.0 is a compact, lightweight, durable fixed speed generator that has extended operation life and service life. Thanks to leading edge innovative engineering and smart technology, Eniquest has developed a breakthrough fixed speed, extended life,generator that out performs and outlasts all other generators in its field.