Eniquest has been providing reliable power distribution, DC Generators, AC Generators, Auxiliary Power Units (APU’s) and in-service generator repairs to the Australian Military for over 10 years. We understand that the Military need reliable, compact, lightweight with great concealability to ensure low detection from all our products. Eniquest has gained the reputation for providing reliable power solutions that perform in the harshest conditions.

We understand the industry challenges of today and that there is a strong drive towards, lower cost, low fuel consumption, reliability along with stronger emissions and noise standards. Eniquest uses innovative power production technology to meet the ever growing industry challenges of today. Eniquest provides all in-service generator repairs and is committed to providing 100% through-life support, keeping these vital power products in service where needed.

We have already designed military spec generators available that are designed to not only meet the current demands of the Military but are also engineered with innovative Eniquest technology to meet the requirement long into the future. Enquire with one of our friendly staff at Eniquest and discuss your power solution today.

Our Military Spec Solutions Can Include:

DC Generation

At Eniquest our Military grade DC generators are engineered to supply Direct Current power with remarkable fuel economy and reliability, ensuring that you have power to go serve on demand. All our generators are built in Australia by Eniquest, the leaders in power generation technology, using only the highest grade materials with quality manufacturing. The DC generators are built tough for any environment application and will give you power to go anywhere. Our specialised Military DC generators are ideal for all applications. Click here for more information

AC Generation

Our Military grade AC PowerMaker Ranger AC diesel generators use an innovative permanent-magnet alternator, which produces a stable, pure sin-wave output. The alternator’s unsurpassed efficiency allows it to provide power from a compact, light-weight, extremely quiet and fuel efficient package. All our AC generators are designed to be easily maintained to lower running costs and high efficiency to ensure you get the best performance. Click here for more information

AC power you require.

Auxiliary Power Units (APU)

Eniquest designs and manufactures the latest Auxiliary Power Units that are compact, lightweight and produce quality power to your required vehicle. With the industry challenges of today our units excel with low cost, low fuel consumption, meets strict emission and noise ratings along with low heat signature. Click here for more information

Military In-service Generator Repair Parts

Eniquest provides Generator repair parts for all in-service generators. We understand the need of having power ready at the push of a button and you can’t afford to have a generator out of service because you are waiting for a repair. Click her to see the list of generators we have spares for and if you can’t see your specific generator on the list don’t hesitate to enquire with us and see if we can track it down.

Power Distribution

Eniquest field power distribution systems are a complete solution to rapid field power deployment. Cabled, hub and outlet boxes can distribute power from any field generator for safe and convenient use by field hospitals, operational headquarters, and field camps. Such systems are currently in use with the Australian defence force.

  • Military

    At Eniquest we provide power production solutions and service parts to the Military for all power production applications. We understand the need of reliable, accessible military spec equipment and parts that you can depend on.

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    As a trusted trade customer at Eniquest we will provide you with the power generation equipment you need for the job that will give you reliability, efficiency, ease of operation and the confidence you need in a generator.

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    When life takes you off the grid Eniquest is here to provide the reliable and cost effective solution. Have your own independent power source that will stand the test of time and give you the confidence to go independent.

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    We will design and construct an industrial power solution ready for you to simply connect up and watch it run independently. Eniquest we will work closely with you to manufacture a system that meets your needs.

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PowerMaker Husky3.0

Power: 3.0kW @ 24V
Fuel: Diesel
Voltage: 24V
Alternator: Fully Enclosed

The PowerMaker Husky3.0 is a compact, lightweight, durable fixed speed generator that has extended operation life and service life. Thanks to leading edge innovative engineering and smart technology, Eniquest has developed a breakthrough fixed speed, extended life,generator that out performs and outlasts all other generators in its field.