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Industry Professionals

At Eniquest we strive with innovative engineering design and manufacturing to go above and beyond of the needs of the industrial professionals.

With our extensive experience in industry projects we are able to provide reliable, cost effective solutions for any job. We have worked with many demanding customers over the years and Eniquest has not only met their expectations but surpasses them every time. Some of our cliental include Origin Energy, BHP, Telstra, Rio Tinto and the Australian Defence Force. With our systems you can install and leave. The innovative solutions require minimum up-keep and will save you on cost and land restriction due to our systems having minimal footprints.

Mining, construction, telecommunications, marine and military customers have put our Eniquest power solutions through their paces – often in extreme conditions and performed every time.

We customise our power production solution to your needs to ensure you get a reliable power production system that efficiently meets your specialised requirements. All our systems can be designed to meet your monitoring requirements to ensure you can have seamless monitoring and autonomy with our units.

We integrate solar, diesel and battery systems into our heavy duty power solution units – giving you industrial strength power with optimum economic and environmental performance 24/7, 365 days a year. By doing so we give you the confidence that your project will always have power for many years to come.

Our Industrial Solutions Can Include:

DC Generation

At Eniquest our DC generators are engineered to supply Direct Current power with remarkable fuel economy and reliability. All our generators are built in Australia by Eniquest, the leaders in power generation technology, using only the highest grade materials with quality manufacturing. The DC generators are built tough for any environment application and will give you power to go anywhere. Our ranges of DC generators are ideal for all applications.

AC Generation

Our AC PowerMaker Ranger AC diesel generators use an innovative permanent-magnet alternator, which produces a stable, pure sin-wave output. The alternator’s unsurpassed efficiency allows it to provide power from a compact, light-weight, and fuel efficient package. All our AC generators are designed to be easily maintained to lower running costs and high efficiency to ensure you get the best price per kW. These durable AC systems can be trusted to be integrated into your system and give you the

AC power you require.


Our Solar/Diesel Hybrid Systems are designed to produce reliable power autonomously. Our fully self-contained power plants guarantee you clean, reliable, low cost power in all-weather situations. Depending on your power requirements our Hybrid Power Plants continuous power can be increased by ADDING on one or many HPP Skids. Due to our simple but innovative Skid design your system can be expanded by connecting more skids to the already installed unit. By doing so your system can be expanded at the fraction of the cost compared to a complete new power system installation.

Power Storage Systems

At Eniquest we store power in our Sonnenschein deep cycle batteries banks so you can have access to power from the sun 24/7 for 365 days a year. The reliable and extremely high quality batteries are able to be CONNECTED in 48/24V series or to your specific requirement. All our power storage systems are governed with controllers and regulators to ensure maximum output and cycle life from the batteries. DC output from the systems can converted to AC to power your equipment efficiently and effectively.

Custom Solutions

At Eniquest, we want to make sure that you get the independent energy solution that you need. To make the right choices you’ll need to be well informed about the concepts and issues associated with independent energy solutions. We’d love to help you to understand your needs and to make sure that you get the right solution. Email or call us today to discuss with one of our friendly staff the solutions we can provide for you today.

  • Military

    At Eniquest we provide power production solutions and service parts to the Military for all power production applications. We understand the need of reliable, accessible military spec equipment and parts that you can depend on.

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    As a trusted trade customer at Eniquest we will provide you with the power generation equipment you need for the job that will give you reliability, efficiency, ease of operation and the confidence you need in a generator.

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    When life takes you off the grid Eniquest is here to provide the reliable and cost effective solution. Have your own independent power source that will stand the test of time and give you the confidence to go independent.

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    We will design and construct an industrial power solution ready for you to simply connect up and watch it run independently. Eniquest we will work closely with you to manufacture a system that meets your needs.

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PowerMaker Husky3.0

Power: 3.0kW @ 24V
Fuel: Diesel
Voltage: 24V
Alternator: Fully Enclosed

The PowerMaker Husky3.0 is a compact, lightweight, durable fixed speed generator that has extended operation life and service life. Thanks to leading edge innovative engineering and smart technology, Eniquest has developed a breakthrough fixed speed, extended life,generator that out performs and outlasts all other generators in its field.