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Eniquest have been providing reliable power to telecommunications through Hybrid Power Systems, DC Diesel Generators and AC Diesel Generators for over 10 years. At Eniquest we understand the need for reliable power 24/7 for remote locations and backup generator systems for power outages.

Eniquest Diesel Generators are designed for all locations, from the cold climates of southern Tasmania to the hot humid climates of the northern wetlands. We understand the industry challenges of today and that there is a strong drive towards, lower cost, low fuel consumption, reliability along with stronger emissions and noise standards. Eniquest uses innovative power production technology to meet the ever-growing industry challenges of today. Eniquest provides all in-service generator repairs and is committed to providing 100% through-life support, keeping these vital power products in service where needed.

All Diesel Generators and Hybrid Power Plants are interfaced into your system of choice for remote monitoring and operation. Our Hybrid Power Systems and Diesel Generators are trusted by our customers such as Ergon Energy, Energex, Origin Energy, BHP, Boeing and the Australian Defence Force. See the products below or enquire with one of our friendly staff at Eniquest today.

Eniquest also provide fully certified platforms for generator systems. Eniquest offers full turnkey packages that include, Diesel Generators, Solar Hybrid Power Systems, Remote Monitoring, Battery Back up and automatic transfer switching.

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    Telco AC Ranger16.0kVA 415/240V 3-Phase

    Telco Ranger16.0kVA 415/240V

    Power Output:      16.0kVA 415/240V Ac 
    Voltage:   415/240V AC  3-Phase
    Fuel:   Diesel 
    Weight:   575kg 

    PowerMaker Ranger16.0AC diesel generator uses innovative permanent-magnet alternator, which produces a stable, pure sine-wave output. With an 300L lockable tank you can be confident in long term operation and reliability. 

    Skilfully engineered by Eniquest’s for performance and durability, these advanced generators provide a reliable supply of power for any demanding application. The PowerMaker Ranger16.0AC diesel generators are easily maintainable, with all service points accessible from one side door, and a convenient on-board engine -oil extraction pump. The alternator's unsurpassed efficiency allows it to provide power from a compact, light-weight, and fuel-efficient package. 

    PowerMaker incorporates Eniquest’s own Australian-designed-and-made alternator.

    All Telecommunications Generators are available with; Vermen proofing, in-built heating for heavy humid climates, extra heavy anti-corrosion protection and Automatic transfer switching.

    The heavy-duty power PowerMaker Ranger16.0AC provides: 

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