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Eniquest has been providing reliable power distribution, DC Generators, AC Generators, Auxiliary Power Units (APU’s) and in-service generator repairs to the Australian Military for over 10 years. We understand that the Military needs reliable, compact, lightweight with great concealability to ensure low detection from all our products. Eniquest has gained the reputation for providing reliable power solutions that perform in the harshest conditions.

We understand the industry challenges of today and that there is a strong drive towards, lower cost, low fuel consumption, reliability along with stronger emissions and noise standards. Eniquest uses innovative power production technology to meet the ever-growing industry challenges of today. Eniquest provides all in-service generator repairs and is committed to providing 100% through-life support, keeping these vital power products in service where needed.

We have already designed military spec generators available that are designed to not only meet the current demands of the Military but are also engineered with innovative Eniquest technology to meet the requirement long into the future. Enquire with one of our friendly staff at Eniquest and discuss your power solution today.

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    MilitaryAuxiliary Power Units

    Military SPEC APU DC/AC

    Eniquest designs and manufactures the latest Auxiliary Power Units that are compact, lightweight and produce quality power to your required vehicle. With the industry challenges of today our units excel with low cost, low fuel consumption, meets strict emission and noise ratings along with low heat signature.

    Skilfully engineered by Eniquest’s for performance and durability, the APU provides the following benefits:

    • Offers self-sufficiency and operational flexibility

    • Increased power capacity.

    • Reliable auxiliary source of power

    • Confidence to perform in all operational situations.

    • Allows larger oversized engines to shut down when only small loading is required (Massive cost savings)

    • Proven Military Operation

    Our APU’s are world-class designs are for all applications and we provide world-class support for our products throughout their entire lives. With innovative and advanced engineering Eniquest designs and manufactures advanced military grade Axillary Power Units for all vehicles. With Eniquest APU’s you will have the power to perform above and beyond in all situations.

    Enquire with us today for more information and discuss your APU today.

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