PowerMaker DC Diesel Generator 2.5kW 24/48V

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    PowerMaker DC Diesel Generator 2.5kW 24/48V

    PowerMaker Outback 2.5kW 24/48V

    Power Output:      2.5kW @ 28V 
    Voltage:   24V DC (48V option available) 
    Fuel:   Diesel 
    Weight:   70kg 

    PowerMaker Outback 2.5 is a compact direct current (DC) generator set that is designed to work with a storage battery bank.

    Compact, quiet and virtually unbreakable, PowerMaker Outback is built tough for any environment or application. It is ideal for hybrid power plants, solar power backup, and telecommunications. The PowerMaker Outback DC diesel generator has remarkable fuel economy with using 20% less fuel than any other conventional engine and uses 40% less fuel to charge your batteries. 

    PowerMaker Outbacks's dependable automatic feature runs to charge your batteries in the best possible manner using the least possible fuel. Resulting in an optimal charging process.

    PowerMaker incorporates Eniquest’s own Australian-designed-and-made alternator.

    The compact and versatile PowerMaker Outback 2.5 provides:

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