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Diesel Generators

At Eniquest we have a reputation for delivering the right product for the job and have an extensive range of high quality products. All our products are engineered to be reliable, efficient and to have a low running cost to will ensure that you get the most from your purchase.

Eniquest took the time to investigate and understand what is required in today’s power production and with our innovation and engineering experience have been able to manufacture the ideal power generation equipment for every job. Don’t hesitate to enquire with one of our friendly staff for more information on any product or click on the links below to see our range of products.

  • AC Diesel Generators


    At Eniquest we provide Australian built AC Diesel Generators built tough for all applications. Eniquest AC generators are engineered using Australian military technology to ensure you have the best generator for the job. 

  • DC Diesel Generators


    At Eniquest we provide Australian built DC Diesel Generators suited built tough for all applications. Click here to find you Australian manufactured DC Diesel Generator. 

  • Telecommunications


    Eniquest has Australian Manufactured AC and DC generators built specifically for telecommunications. With Eniquest you can ensure you have reliable power 24/7 no matter where you are. Click here to find you Australian manufactured Diesel Generator.

  • Military


    At Eniquest we provide Diesel Generators and In-Service Spares to the Military for all power production applications. We understand the need for reliable, accessible military spec equipment and parts that you can depend on.