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Specialists in solar power & independent energy solutions 

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    PowerMaker Marine DC Diesel Generator 5.0kW 24V

    PowerMaker Marine Cruise 5.0kW 24V

    Power Output:      5.0kW @ 28V 
    Voltage:   24V DC 
    Fuel:   Diesel 
    Weight:   145kg 

    PowerMaker Cruise 5.0 is a compact direct current (DC) generator set that is designed for marine conditions. Install the Marine PowerMaker cruise on your vessel and it will power all onboard requirements on demand.

    Compact, quiet and virtually unbreakable. Combine those attributes of the Marine PowerMaker Cruise with remarkable fuel economy and you have found the perfect generator for your onboard power. The Marine PowerMaker Cruise uses variable speed technology to reduce noise and ensure your generator runs at the most efficient speed, saving fuel and extending your engines life. 

    With the latest technology and quality components, Marine PowerMaker Cruise will always get you to your destination with the least amount of fuss.

    The Marine PowerMaker Cruise has been installed on board marine vessels that have traveled to all parts of the world and proven their reliability and efficiency. 

    The Marine PowerMaker Cruise keeps everything simple and reliable - no charge over system, no expensive battery charger and no high fuel cost. 

    Designed and built in Australia, Marine PowerMaker Cruise uses the highly regarded Yanmar fully marinised diesel engine so that you can be assured of service parts availability and have the peace of mind that only true quality can bring.

    Customise your Marine PowerMaker Cruise to suit your needs with options for ‘on demand’ auto start, or special voltage.

    The compact and versatile Marine PowerMaker Cruise 5.0 provides:

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