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Specialists in solar power & independent energy solutions 

We provide solar, solar hybrid, diesel hybrid, LPG and LNG hybrid power plants for telecommunications, mining, gas and oil, military, residential, and recreational sectors.


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    Custom DC Generator Solution

    Custom DC Generator Solution

    Eniquest can provide you with a specially designed DC power generation solution. With our extensive history and experience in power generation throughout Australia, Eniquest can assist you in providing the product you need. We have successfully manufactured many customised solutions designed for various applications such as:

    - Rapid Deployment Camp Power

    - LPG generators systems for gas fields

    - Inbuilt Refrigeration Generators

    - Transportable Container Generation system 

    - Specific Low-Speed Power Generation 

    - Marine Power 

    - Off shore Oil & Gas

    - Military 

    When you customize you get the Benefits/Features such as:

    - Specific power management 

    - Built to your requirements

    - Fuel delivery system can be customised and modified

    - Not limited to standard combustion engines, gas is available

    - Multiple configurations and alternators available

    - Enclosure can be designed specifically for the job. Container, skid, etc

    - Specific PLC interfaces can be specified.

    Contact us today at Eniquest and have a chat with one of our friendly experienced staff about the right solution for you.

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