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Specialists in DIESEL GENERATORS & independent energy solutions

  • AC Diesel Generators


    At Eniquest we provide Australian built AC Diesel Generators built tough for all applications. Eniquest AC generators are engineered using Australian military technology to ensure you have the best generator for the job. 

  • DC Diesel Generators


    At Eniquest we provide Australian built DC Diesel Generators suited built tough for all applications. Click here to find you Australian manufactured DC Diesel Generator. 

  • Telecommunications


    Eniquest has Australian Manufactured AC and DC generators built specifically for telecommunications. With Eniquest you can ensure you have reliable power 24/7 no matter where you are. Click here to find you Australian manufactured Diesel Generator.

  • Military


    At Eniquest we provide Diesel Generators and In-Service Spares to the Military for all power production applications. We understand the need for reliable, accessible military spec equipment and parts that you can depend on.

Eniquest is Australia’s leading specialists in Diesel Generators and Independent Energy Solutions. We have been providing innovative, reliable and cost-effective Australian made diesel generators to our customers for over 15 years. We pride ourselves on providing the correct power solution for you and ensuring you get the correct support throughout life of the product. We pride ourselves on providing the correct power generation solution for you and ensuring you get the correct support throughout the life of the product. All Eniquest generators are Australian Engineered and Manufactured

At Eniquest we have been successfully providing innovative diesel generators and engineered power solutions for industries such as the Australian Mining Industry, Australia Defence force, Telecommunications, Commercial Supplies, Off-Grid Home Owners and many more. With us you will find the right diesel generator for the job and have the reliability and confidence you deserve.

With all Eniquest generators being Australian Made you can ensure your Eniquest Diesel generator is built to last


PowerMaker Husky5000

Power: 5.0kVA @ 240V
Fuel: Diesel
Voltage: 240V
Alternator: Mecc Alte ES20F

The PowerMaker Husky 5000 Long Life generators are built in Australia by Australians for Australians. The Husky series is built using Australian Military technology resulting in an extremely reliable, tough and best of all affordable generator. The Husky 5000 is guaranteed to start any 240V single phase motor, pump or electrical tools for any application up to 3hp, 2.2kW.

  • I wanted to send my thanks to Eniquest for the professional approach and manner the Shay Gap contract has been handled. The com..

    Gary Chiplin
    Project Manager, Sustaining Capital, BHP Billiton Iron Ore

  • Thanks for your products and support over the last few years. Our clients have reported that your Powermaker units have been op..

    John Marano
    All Terrain Warriors, Queensland Australia

  • Just a quick note to thank you for the safe installation of the Solar Hybrid unit. It is very pleasant to have power at the fli..

    Peter Harms
    Manager, Stockhaven

Eniquest Blog
Why you should use a Diesel Generator

Why you should use a Diesel Generator

Although diesel is typically known as the more expensive fuel than petrol, diesel generators have a great advantage due to being a great deal more efficient and reliable than its petrol counterparts. Diesel Generators will burn around 50% less fuel during operation. As a result, naturally the diesel generator can produce much higher power output at a lower cost. Diesel generators also burn at a lower temperature than other fueled generators resulting in a significantly longer life. Another a ..